Jakarta Besok? Stay Home Monday 11/4

Besok just means ‘tomorrow’ and I won’t be going into town, for sure.

Some 10,000 students are planning a big demonstration, and while, unlike some other demos we’ve noticed….

Another Fanatic Friday? Avoid Downtown! 

…their various causes are not unpleasing, it’ll still screw up traffic, and the TransJakarta buses will still be detoured.



I will let you read of their demands via the link below, but one –

 ‘…the fourth demand, urges and demands that Jokowi thoroughly investigate the cooking oil mafia and evaluate the performance of the relevant ministers…” 


That will command huge support among millions of citizens who would normally take little interest in student activity.

Here’s an explanatory extra.

Far from Ukraine, Indonesia’s poor can’t get cooking oil

Indonesia is facing shortages as the Ukraine war and other factors send palm oil prices soaring.