How Stupid Can ‘Race’ Whiners Be?

I frankly had never heard about ALRA drama school, which has just ‘shut with immediate effect,’ according to BBC News.

One feels sorry for any blameless staff and students discomfited by the school’s closure…

…which is apparently not directly related to an ‘open letter’ published by some former students two years ago.

However, since the BBC chose to mention the letter, a whiney epistle ‘accusing the institution of widespread and systemic racism…’



…I feel obliged to describe one of the ‘examples of racism students claimed they had endured!’

Wait for it!

A teacher told a student he “looked like a terrorist” after growing a beard!’

For pity’s sake!


That’s almost as tiresome as the content of the Cricket Whiner’s belly-aching!

Life goal get a life goal

How can anybody can be so downright devoid of anything resembling a sense of humour?


Snowflakes are no fun!