Quelle Surprise? Marine Has Youth On Her Side?

Delicious news in the Telegraph as the French people cast their votes in the first round….


Shock poll election boost for Marine Le Pen as 18 to 24-year-olds back her over Emmanuel Macron


These are glad tidings indeed!

But why does that British newspaper’s Katy Lee think ‘the wave of youth support for Ms Le Pen has surprised many… ‘

People in the Anglophone world have in recent years witnessed disgusting callow creatures display their immaturity all too often…


…but I have always held to the view that no amount of class-room malevolent teaching….

…inculcating toxic ‘diversity’ ideology into every level of education…


…no amount of anti-patriotic poison, can wholly eradicate national pride.

And that’s why young French folk are rallying to Le Pen’s RN, the patriot party.