Stirling, Steeped In Wokery!

Jane Austen dropped from university’s English course to ‘decolonise the curriculum’

Stirling University is a relatively recent creation, 1960s, I believe, compared to those like St. Andrews and Glasgow….

Stirling University


….and Edinburgh, but Edinburgh’s recent rotten record of appeasement of gutter elements…

…indicates that Stirling’s more modern origins are not the explanation for its self-degradation, namely booting Jane Austen…


Watercolour-and-pencil portrait of Jane Austen

……’in favour of works by the African-American writer Toni Morrison.’

Never having heard of Ms. Morrison, I didn’t even know she’s dead, but if her writings were inspirational, I’d leave her merits out of it.

Yet I’m a thorough fellow, even on a hot Javanese arvo….



….so I looked her up.


I HAD heard of her.

Which Lives Matter? Not White, It Seems! 

Even gave her a disparaging mention a few years ago!

She got a medal from Obummer.

And her scribbling reflected….

( unsurprisingly, considering from whom she received her medal!)

….her personal uptight race-obsession, as expressed when that poor cop was being hounded in Ferguson, Missouri..

Get this –

Morrison said: “People keep saying, ‘We need to have a conversation about race.’ This is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back

Writers should be gifted with insight.

Not incitement.



Stirling students might just possibly be better off with the works of Austen, who was not, as far as I’m aware, into vengeful racist rhetoric.

Nor did Austen win prizes due to racialised lobbying.

‘It was Beloved, her 1987 novel about a slave woman who kills her own baby, that secured her current standing. When it failed to win the National book award, 48 black writers signed a letter of protest published in the New York Times. Soon after, it won the Pulitzer prize and a clutch of other awards.