India, Quite Rightly, Shames Europe!

I felt sorry for India’s leader this morning, hearing how he had to sit through an on-line ‘summit’ with The Dotard, wondering if Psaki and Winkin’-Blinkin’ had let the old fool do it in person….


….   or created one of those holograms such as we see in cool movies.

But, like ‘the ranks of Tuscany‘ in the famous Horatius saga, I ‘could scarce forbear to cheer...’

75 years of independence: What India needs to do to fulfill its tryst with destiny


…when a polite, quietly-spoken Indian Government spokesman appeared on our tv screen to remind us that ‘what India imports (in needful energy purchases) in a month, is less than what what Europe takes in an afternoon!’



Well said, sir!

Memo to NATO, and in particular to Biden…



…give Brussels a call after your long afternoon nap!