Before BLM Howls Get Too Loud…

Looks like BBC is revving up its BLM bias decibel level again…

BLM Savages – BBC, Typically, Buries Aftermath Of LA Ambush

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…as it has usually done, this time with one of their USA-based hacks sonorously intoning that the man apparently shot by the police officer…

( BBC predictably….

...had the officer and the shot man carefully defined by his colour!)

…was ‘a father, a brother and a son‘ – which most men everywhere probably are, so why drone about it?

Anyway, from what we saw and heard on UK Pravda, the car was stopped because the ‘plate didn’t match the car.’

The driver, asked for his license, tried to decamp.

Pursued, quite legitimately, by the cop, the driver then grabbed at the policeman’s tazer.

So far, conduct indicative of bad character.

Oh, and he was allegedly from the Congo.

Was he in America on holiday, or as a ‘refugee?’

Or as an illegal alien?

If he was on holiday, let’s hear more about that!

If he was a ‘refugee,’ his behaviour suggests he did not deserve refugee status.

If he was an illegal alien?

Well, up to you to comment!