‘Fascist’ Smear By BBC’s Latest “Guest!’

Why the Hell did UK Pravda invite a man who speaks for nobody except his own inflated self-importance….

…to talk about Ukraine and then deliberately invite him to pontificate on the French election.

Bernard-Henri Levy is unknown to most Brits, but known as an ‘intellectual’ in France….


Bernard Henri Lévy (cropped).jpg



…which should preclude him from any down-to-earth debate!

Oh, and he’s notorious among people he’s angered, like the widow of Daniel Pearl.

She called Lévy –

a man whose intelligence is destroyed by his own ego. .”

( see Levy’s wikipedia entry)

Why he was on BBC World News last night is baffling.

The guy who sells mangoes in my Jakarta housing complex is just as entitled to be asked to pronounce on world affairs.

But suddenly, as Levy wound up opining, rationally enough, on Ukraine…



…suddenly, about 8pm, his sly BBC hostess – Yalda Hakim – shoved in a final question – what about the French election?

The brainiac started snarling about how if France got a ‘fascist’ government in two weeks, it would be SO awful.

Needless to say, the Beebette never asked him to justify this absurd smear.

But that’s UK Pravda’s ‘guest’ policy for you.