‘Verbal Escalation?’ This Week, Le Muppet Cowers!

A brief visit to France24, the tax-funded bias channel, this morning, revealed the news that Le Muppet won’t use the word ‘genocide’ as it’s tantamount to ‘verbal escalation.’

One wonders what he’d have said about The Holodomor…..

Bitter Harvest – Red Evil Exposed- And A Lugenpresse Reminder! 

..the nightmare imposed on Ukraine by Putin’s 1930s predecessor.

Hasil gambar untuk holodomor film

It’s the story of one village’s nightmare, but reflects the reality of what happened in Ukraine in the 1930s, when true communism was put into practice, a reign of horror, known still as the Holodomor.

However, such restraint on Macron’s part is a phenomenon subject to weekly fluctuation.

Compare and contrast his reluctance to speak clearly on Putin…


Russian 'Z' tank flies a Soviet Union flag through southern Ukraine amid claims Putin wants to 'rebuild the USSR'

Putin’s tanks, flying communist banners!



Putin’s Invaders Fly Satan’s Banner? 


…with last week’s vicious defamation…

Macron calls Polish PM ‘a far-right anti-Semite’ in row over Putin talks


Le Muppet’s Lost It – No, Not The Election, Not Yet! 

…of the Prime Minister of Poland, a NATO ally and fellow-member of the EU.