Yes, Marine Borrowed From Russian Bankers – For Very Good Reason!

You’ll have noticed that the grubby media rats are brandishing a propaganda weapon against the French patriot party….



…blabbering repeatedly about how Marine Le Pen has used Russian bankers!



So far, none of the left-bigot media has actually told you WHY!

The facts are no secret.

Marine had no choice!


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Bankers she had used for years turned on her, as when her party was…


‘…asked by Societe Generale, France’s third-largest bank by total assets, to close its accounts.
In a statement, the bank said its decisions to open or close an account depended “purely on banking reasons” and “without taking into account any political consideration….”



Le Pen said the decision of the French bank was “depriving a party that won 11 million votes in the last presidential election of all practical ability to function.”

We are witnessing an attempt by the opposition to suffocate us,” Le Pen said, claiming the decision was politically motivated.


And how about that HSBC, which for a wide variety of reasons most of my readers wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole, not least…

Gambar terkait


…because of HSBC’s record of involvement with a secretive pro-EUSSR cabal!

HSBC Is Funding The Enemy Within!

… as reported

Well, here’s another reason!

The French head of HSBC Thomas Vandeville called Le Pen to tell her that her personal account was being shut “without any justification” she claimed.

That was five years ago, more or less, public knowledge, which we wrote about at the time…..

French Fatwa – Even Saint Joan Knew Why She Was Burnt! 

….but the pinko fake-‘journalists’ don’t tell you, when they witter about Marine’s party finances, do they?


Has HSBC come clean yet, as to why they cut off their patriot customer?