Lucky Jesus! No – I’m Not Blaspheming!

No, I’m actually referring to the notorious college at Cambridge University, which was recently slapped down for its pathetic pandering to wokery.

Hallelujah! Church Court ‘NO’ To BLM Appeasers! 

Jesus College used to be highly regarded, until their management decided to rid their historic chapel of a memorial plaque honouring a long-dead benefactor.

Tobias Rustat, the long-dead English philanthropist the creeps were out to get! 

Their base ingratitude provoked a fierce fightback and the Rustat memorial remains in place.
But now we learn that an unexpected benefit has accrued – uptight whineys are looking at other places to study!

So at least we read in The Times, and you’d think there’d be academic exultation if woke-weasels are preferring to take their delicate little intellects elsewhere.


Yet, oddly, there’s some in-house grizzling going on – inexplicable, when you think about the potential consequences of this development.

Instead of contemplating college standards at risk of being dragged down by a preponderance of pinko twits…

….forever on the prowl for make-believe ‘inclusion and diversity’ grievances…



….Jesus College has a chance to excel, if its students are mostly healthy normal young people eager to learn!