Aah! Anne Appelbaum Regains Our Attention!

I thought the name was vaguely familiar…



…although the publication is certainly well enough known.

But I had to use my Search Engine to discover when Anne Applebaum had appeared in my own blog.

Why Do Media Focus On Mouthings Of Meaningless People? 

And a very obscure bit-part it was, a bunch of scribblers puffing out clouds of self-important steam, three years ago.

But Applebaum’s popped up again!

.In the course of checking her out, I learned that she’s a member of CFR…


Ever read or even just heard of Professor Quigley’s book on the Council on Foreign RelationsTragedy and Hope?

Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

then you’ll need no reminding of what the Council on Foreign Relations is all about


…, and of course she’s a rabid Trumpophobe…


…who endorsed Clinton in 2016, and that she hates the Law and Justice patriot party in Poland…


…unsurprisingly since she’s married to the ranter….A Pathetic Pole! Sikorski’s Sicko Comparison! ...we wrote about, a year ago.

It’s all reliably wiki-documented.

Here she is…

Anne Elizabeth Applebaum.jpg

STUDENT SPEAKS OUT ON MEDIA BIAS  The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum told a student at a conference last week that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “irrelevant” and not “interesting” to her.

“Back when the Hunter Files were a live crisis for the Biden camp, Applebaum published a lengthy essay in The Atlantic that aimed to discredit the reporter who broke the laptop story,” writes the student in a follow-up essay at Compact Magazine.

“So if she doesn’t find the story interesting, why did she—along with the entirety of the corporate media apparatus—dedicate so much time and effort to trying to legitimate censorship of the Post’s reporting?”