Rohingya Ingrates Amok In Malaysia

Shocking scenes in Malaysia… where over 500 Rohingya ‘refugees’ ran riot and broke out of the government detention centre in Penang state.


Penang in Malaysia.svg

Malaysian English daily the Star reported that the breakout had begun after a protest by the detainees turned into a riot

We read that the inmates were dissatisfied with their lot, much like the whining we have heard from crimmigrants in the UK, and indeed Australia in recent years

I first noticed the Rohingya years ago.…

..and warned my Australian readers about those ‘asylum’ brutes I had to write about.

More recently, we saw Bangladesh, a country far from prosperous….

How Dare They Carp At Bangladesh? 

Rights groups are claiming refugees are being moved against their will!’

…being barracked by UN nosey-parkers for not being indulgent enough to the hordes of Rohingya who had moved into that country from Myanmar.

And back to Malaysia a year or three ago, when another arrogant NGO ass dared scold the authorities there…

Arrogant Amnesty Orders End To Crimmigrant Canings! 

…for giving some uppity Rohingya a well-deserved lesson in why he shouldn’t be a lout.

No doubt the anarchical outbreak will be investigated once the crimmigrants are rounded up….

…and one hopes those who did not join the runaway rabble may have their good behaviour recognised by henceforth getting better conditions than the recaptured ratbags.

Australian readers will perhaps be motivated to ask their candidates in the current election campaign…



…for assurances that a no-entry policy for undesirables be maintained.

But it would be wise for anyone concerned to read this article, on ‘radicalisation’ of detainees.