Fake-‘Women’ Foiled, For Once! Hurray!

I do wonder about the UK Telegraph, which seems to veer back and forth between sense…

The Evil That Shrouds The Sceptred Isle

…and nonsense…

Telegraph’s ‘Kill The King’ Headline – Very Bad! 

Lie Back And Think Of England? Telegraph Sell-Out! 

This week’s glad tidings, that men purporting to be women ‘should not be automatically counted as women,’ is of course worth a cheer…

….except for that ‘automatically‘ – trannies should NEVER get away with their pretensions.

But why does the Telegraph refer to these sad maladjusts as ‘trans women?



They’re NOT women.

The battle-ground on this occasion is located in the British business world, where a ‘backlash…’


( aka a response based on biological truth! )

…has reportedly dissuaded the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to abandon its absurd and offensive ‘proposals to force companies to include men who self-identify as women in female diversity targets for boards and in senior management positions..’

Apparently there were ‘hundreds of complaints,’ hardly surprising, because what kind of serious business…



….would want to have a bloke caked in make-up and wearing a dress mincing in and out of the wrong toilet!?


The FCA, regrettably, has not denounced the gobble-de-gook confusion between ‘sex’ and ‘gender,’ a gaystapo ideological construct…



…invented and weaponised to advance their sicko agenda.

But at least the regulator is leaving ‘listed companies the “flexibility” to decide for themselves.’

The Telegraph agreeably says this decision was ‘welcomed by campaigners, who said that it was not for the FCA to “redefine what ‘man’ and ‘woman’ mean”.

Quite right.

We could continue, asking why the ‘watchdog’ is demeaning real women by demanding every UK-listed company’s board has 40% female membership.

I’d certainly be glad to sit on a board with impressive women…

….whether 10/20/30/40 or more percent of the faces around the table.

But only if they got there on their merits, not to fill some silly wokey quota!