France24’s Philip Turle – The Most Brazenly Elitist Hack?

Philip Turle is France24’s ‘international affairs’ editor…

…and on Thursday night he discussed the French presidential debate…

…and boy, he dropped the mask with a clang you could hear right here in Jakarta

I was so shocked by his closing words that I had to scribble them down, as evidence of his foul leftist elitism…



…which we all recognise as the hall-mark of the media class, not just in one country but across the Western world.



My foremost concern was that, having heard Turle clearly, and eager to make readers aware of his words…



….especially my few French readers, so they could spread the exposure of his intellectual snobbery, there might be no corroborative evidence.

So it was with great pleasure that I found a complete video recording of Turle’s talk – F24 had not cut off the offensive sneer at the French working class.

Turle wound up as below.

The candidates were, he remarked, appealing to..

“…two different Frances…”

“Marine Le Pen was talking to the average man & woman…”


“…Macron was talking to a much richer clientele….’

So far so good!

Quite true, in fact!

But then Turle’s true condescension tumbled out..

”…a more intelligent clientele, if you can say that…'”

What kind of pinko creep holds the collective wisdom of the common folk in such low esteem?