Ukrainian Or Not, Guests Don’t Dictate To Hosts!

I haven’t heard of the so-called ‘celebrities…’

( ‘Juliet Stevenson, Robert Rinder, Lily Cole, Kathy Lette and comedian Deborah Frances-White’ )



…named in the Guardian report on a silly little boat protest, a group sailing down the Thames to rail against the government’s ‘Rwanda Plan. ‘
While there are grounds for criticism…

Channel illegals? No To Priti’s Sexism! 

…the boaties’ stated objections seem ill-thought-out, to say the least.

But if they are UK citizens, they have a democratic right to protest peacefully.

What is utterly unacceptable is that ‘refugees from Ukraine and other conflict zones…’


….were also protesting in that boat!

Ukrainian refugees deserve the sanctuary they’ve been granted.


…..being taken in as fugitives from a wicked war does NOT entitle them to interfere in the domestic politics of their gracious host country.



If they get to be known as meddlers, especially if they’re seen to be consorting with notoriously self-important pinko creeps, they may, regrettably, find their welcome fast wears out.