Today’s UK Pravda Left-Bigot ‘Expert!’

The whole point, surely, of having an academic ‘expert’ on a news programme is to provide objective analysis.

BBC World News, as we are regretfully aware…

…has a very different take on the role, ever intent on bringing partisan fanatics into our sitting rooms in academic guise.

Thus today  (about 8am Jakarta time) we had Professor Jonah Levy, almost predictably of California’s notorious Berkeley University…


Profile picture for user Jonah Levy
The Smile on the Face of the Leftist

( not to be confused with another Levy…..Fascist’ Smear By BBC’s Latest “Guest!’….they had on recently! )

….who was not challenged even once as he spewed his brazenly biased rhetoric

Whatever factual comments he offered were laced with lines like –



Marine Le Pen’s party getting a big (over 41%) vote was a ‘disturbing development from a democratic standpoint..’

So if people exercise their democratic right to vote in ways Levy dislikes…



….it’s ‘disturbing from a democratic point of view?’

What he means is from a globalist, elitist, left/liberal, Europhiliac point of view.

And he’s entitled to his point of view.

But not to use the UK tax-funded broadcaster as a platform, when he’s purporting to be a guest providing facts, not taking sides.

Another example of a Levy ‘disturbing development from a democratic standpoint’ was that the old in-crowd establishment parties were so diminished!

BUT…there were also ‘positive developments,’ to be ever so thankful for!

France’s ‘very intelligent leader was back..




…and, wow, the mainstream elites reinvented the agenda and held the populists at bay.

An hour later Sonia Dridi, a French freelance journo, appeared, who stuck to facts, and admitted Marine was ‘attracting more and more young people.’

So UK Pravda CAN get informative guests, but only after it makes sure it airs left prejudice too.