Will Frisco Boot Boudin?

Last night we had a BBC hack, James Clayton, in the mess called San Francisco.

We have looked at one of the reason why the city is a mess…

If You’re Going To San Francisco…DON’T! 


...Proposition 47, which made thefts of $950 or less a misdemeanor.
Once people realized that they were unlikely to be arrested or prosecuted for stealing below $1,000, they, of course, responded to the incentive. For their part, the stores advise employees not to interfere with shoplifters lest they get hurt.
Many crimes don’t even go reported.

…and we heard UK Pravda’s man say that ‘radical’ Chesa Boudin is one of a ‘wave of ‘progressive district attorneys elected across America.’

The DA now faces a public vote on whether to remove him from his job next month.

It looks like he will get the boot, despite ‘celebs’ like Danny Glover endorsing him.

Here’s a comment worth noting, from a non-celebrity.

“I was recently on a boat to Alcatraz, taking my grandkids out during spring break. On the way over the tour guide talked about how it used to be a prison and someone said ‘Why can’t we reopen it for all the bad guys in San Francisco now?’

Out-of-towners all laughed.”

“The residents on the boat didn’t.”

Prominent Endorsements Fail to Sway SF Voters on DA Chesa Boudin Recall in June


But NOT a word from the BBC about the not-so-well hidden hand of SorosSoros,  which we spotlighted not that long ago.

Sauron, Named, But Unashamed? 

George Soros has blood on his hands for the rise in killings nationwide


Funny how BBC’s over-paid employees fail to notice, or more likely notice but fail to mention….



…the evil elephant in the room.