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    No, Savage, Most Brits Are NOT Woke-Weasels!

    If the pinko creeps who work for the Guardian were retards, the job of The Resistance would be easy-peasy.

    But they are not.

    Most of them are clever, otherwise we’d not get sophistry which tries to make out that most Brits are ‘woke!’

    What does “woke’ mean?

    It was allegedly invented, or at least deprived of its proper (past tense of ‘wake’) meaning, by ignoramuses in North America who held subversive political opinions.

    Those who differed from their chip-on-shoulder mind-set were not ‘woke’ – so I gather.

    The link above includes the fact that ‘in 2017 the word “woke” was aded to the Oxford English Dictionary, and was defined as “being ‘aware’ or ‘well-informed’ in a political or cultural sense

    So that’s us, right?

    But Savage offers a narrower dictionary definition of the horrid word….

    Being ‘attentive to those issues (of race and social justice...

    .. which again, of course, would include me!

    And probably you!

    We do, after all, pay a great deal of attention to ‘race.’..

    …since we detest the rancid racism of BLM and support the principle they loathe, that ‘All Lives Matter….’

    BLM Hate-Mob Enraged

    …and we object to vicious intolerants….

    See the source image

    Avon and Somerset Police Superintendent Andy Bennett said the action was“inexplicable and unacceptable,” and that the police treat “any reported hate crime with the utmost seriousness.” 

    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White

    …who think anybody who says ‘It’s OK to be White’ must be persecuted.

    However, we know what ‘wokery’ is…



    …and it’s not about justice, social or otherwise…Breast-Feeding Outlawed? Get The Gaystapo Out Of UK Hospitals! . …the sicko pandering to maladjusts, the pronoun pukes…

    ..the hands-off treatment of mobs engaged in vandalism, streets renamed…

    Black Boy Lane, in West Green, will be renamed La Rose Lane


    and desecration of great hospitals..

    .Woke hospital foundation to relocate Thomas Guy statue despite public rejecting plans.Tell This Woke-Wonk – ‘Take Off Yer Jackboots!’ 


    .. and of national pride and historical heritage.

    Thus for Savage to aver ( haver!) rhat an ‘overwhelming majority of people in the UK hold the “woke” belief that it is important to be alive to issues of race and social justice, according to a new analysis of public attitudes, ‘ is outrageous.

    Four in five Britons believe in being attentive to those issues?

    I’m sure.

    The decent footie fans who booed the kneel-creeps were being ‘attentive to those issues.’

    One can be attentive without being approbatory.

    If you find your kitchen is suddenly infested with rodents…

    …,damn sure you’ll be attentive to the infestation.

    If you wake at night to hear prowlers downstairs, it’d be damned odd…


    ….if you weren’t attentive to the likelihood of home invasion.

    So Savage has some nerve to twist the ‘research’ which allegedly shows ‘an overwhelming majority of Conservative voters and those who backed Brexit also said it was important to be attentive to the issues.’

    Of course it’s important!

    Otherwise, as has been happening, pubs…

    …and school-houses…

    Howden school ditches Raleigh, Drake and Nelson houses for modern heroes after ex-pupil’s racism complaint


    ….and even streets…


    …across the realm will be renamed, slimy kow-tows to ‘inclusive diversity!’

    But you don’t need my indignation to find out how fallacious this Guardian garbage truly is.

    Just read this passage, as penned by Savage himself!


    When asked directly whether they thought they were “woke”, with no definition given…

    …16% said they were…

    …41% said they were not…

    and 31% said they did not know what the term meant… 




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