‘Honour Decal’ For Disloyal Griner?

Rather sickening to read that the WNBA ‘plans on honoring‘ that revolting disloyal BLM leftist Brittney Griner.


As far as Brittney Griner, the Phoenix Mercury center and 2019 WNBA MVP runner-up, is concerned, there’s no valid reason for playing the national anthem before sports events and she plans to take a stand by continuing to remain in the locker room while it is played.

Will BLM Lesbian Griner Stage An Anti-Flag Rant Behind Bars?


It seems the ‘honour’ for this ghastly lesbian will comprise a ‘floor decal.‘.


I find even reading about such scum off-putting, so I didn’t press on to learn the details of the ‘floor decal.’

But I have to ask.

Given the foul creature’s loathing for the national anthem, will the decal include the Stars and Stripes, the easier for scum-fans to wipe their feet on the Red, White and Blue?