Red Rats Fail To Foil Oz Xmas Outing!

Bit of a downpour last night…

…but feeling bright after reading nice news.

Good for Oz!

Pleasing to see a pack of anti-social aliens sent to Christmas Island to repent ( unlikely! ) their ingrate criminality…..

….disgraceful offences which include-

‘..serious crimes relating to assault, illicit drugs, robbery, domestic violence and other offences…’

But surely there’s still room for improvement.

They should have been manacled, loaded onto an RAAF cargo plane and parachuted back…


….into whatever hell-hole land they originally oozed out of…



And how about the red vermin who deliberately attempted to obstruct the alien vermin’s removal?

‘…a heated clash between police and protesters outside a Melbourne detention centre…’.

Regardless of the reckless involvement of a senator in the rabble….



…or, some might even say, because of that loudmouth noisome leftist Lidia Thorpe’s noisy ppresence…


Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe Wants The Aboriginal Flag To Be Flown Half-Mast On January 26

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe

...filmed telling the police confronting protesters that they were “an absolute disgrace…



…the mob should have been much more forcefully subdued.

How many of the scum were taught a lesson in respect, by handy use of a truncheon?

How many were arrested?

How many pinko louts will face prosecution and prison?

Just a few thoughts as I prepare a spot of lunch to share with a welcome visitor…


…OTW to my home, this rainy Java morning.