Did Scots Cops AGAIN Abet Pro-Crimmigrant Mob?

Two vans arrive outside an Edinburgh address. Despatched by the Home Office, they’re out to round up illegal aliens.

But a leftist mob is quickly summoned by local pro-crimmigrant trouble-makers.

Sound familiar?

Something of an action replay, surely, of that nauseating episode a year or more ago…

Glasgow Cops Appease Pro-Crimmigrant Mob

Sturgeonistan, Where Cops Collaborate With Crimmigrants? 

…when Police Scotland disgracefully sided with the scum instead of breaking up the rabble and helping get the illegals detained.

The Edinburgh cops have issued a typically uninformative statement but I doubt law-abiding Scots pay much attention to ‘their’ bold gendarmes.

After what we have had to report about….

Police Scotland, Lawless And Reckless! 

, “Police Scotland said that they would log rapes as being carried out by a woman if the accused person insists, even if they have not legally changed gender.”   https://nypost.com/2021/12/13/j-k-rowling-slams-cops-for-letting-rape-suspects-id-as-women

As you see  Scots cops talk rot!

But what about the Home Office?

If the Edinburgh constabulary indeed failed to support enforcement of immigration law, you’d expect Priti Patel to speak up and denounce such slackery.

Instead, we got this astounding exercise in ambivalence!

A Home Office spokesperson said:

“It is unacceptable for people to attempt to block legitimate actions of law enforcement as they work to remove those with no right to live or work in the UK.”Through our Nationality and Borders Act we are taking steps to fix the broken system to make it fair to those in genuine need and firm on those who seek to abuse it. An operation was carried out in Edinburgh today and to suggest that protesters had an impact on the outcome is wrong.”

What kind of gibbering nonsense is that?

The HO staff were seen to leave empty-handed, between lines of police…


…mocked by abusive anti-social leftists.


No sign of any corralled crimmigrants! Of course those street-reds had an ‘impact’  – they thwarted the capture of undesirable aliens.

So what’s Priti’s piffle statement meant to mean?