Another Unjust UK Court – This Gal Should NOT Be Punished!

However chairman of the bench Susan Hawkins said the offending was “serious enough” to warrant a ban.


Chairman of the Bench?

What kind of justice does Hawkins dispense?


She ordered Speid to pay £240 – a £40 fine, £95 victim surcharge and £105 in costs. .

Susan Hawkins must have known that the lady, whom we wrote about, some six months ago…


Insulate Britain: School-run mum who drove at M25 protesters given driving ban – BBC News

….was NOT the aggressor in the situation.


The scum of the earth were deliberately obstructing a public road, which they had no right to do, and I for one wouldn’t complain if any driver thus obstructed drove over the swine.

Somebody should start a Go-Fund-Me to help Sherrilyn…


RR Mum


…but then, Go-Fund-Me has shown itself to be infected with Left bias…

Freedom Fans? Beware Of GoFundMe!

…so they would probably reject any moves to assist this lady in distress.