Avoid National Trust’s Freako Facilities!

That National Trust remains under the control of some very unwholesome people..

….whose rabid wokery hit the news again last week, with The Times reporting how one of the NT’s properties, a 17th-century mansion, no less, has had its cafe uglified by the installation of a sign indicating “Gender-neutral toilets. Alternative toilet facilities are available by the main car park.”



Perhaps they were expected a special BBC staff outing to show up and appreciate this demented development…


Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers

….and no doubt UK Pravda’s Coven would be delighted.

Not so normal folk, however!

One female visitor complained directly to the National Trust on Twitter, saying: “I was forced to use your ‘gender-neutral’ toilets. First door I tried opened to reveal a man peeing without the door locked.”

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