Muppet Macron’s Neo-Colonialist Nattering!

Most media took note of Le Muppet’s neo-colonialist rant, about how the Fourth Reich….



…should establish a ‘political European community’ expanding the EUSSR to ‘countries outside Europe,’ prepared to embrace ‘core European values…’

But this, while perhaps more overtly arrogant than usual, unsurprising from a manikin with Napoleonic delusions of grandeur…


.. hardly ‘news!’

Brussels has been sticky-beaking into the internal affairs of other nations, near and far, for years…

The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against  death penalty worldwide.


Brussels’ Citizens’ Initiative Exposed As Beggars’ Opera! 

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….expressly prevents citizens from challenging.


As for Macron joining Kaiserin Ursula’s repetitive ranting…

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…her push for an end to unanimity on Brussels’ decision-making…


…we know against which brave countries this scheme is designed, so we will not waste time on something that is not going to happen.