Queering Marriage In Scotland!

Nauseating that the Church of Scotland, which many previous generations of my family attended, is about to sink into the cess-pool of sodomite ‘marriage,’ with at least 29 presbyteries…

….in favour of bringing forward the legislation while 12 have said they are opposed. 


The less I say about Rev Shuna Dicks, from the Presbytery of Aberdeen and Shetland, the better, perhaps.

“….I’m just delighted that I will be able to apply to become an official celebrant for same-sex marriages….”

Seems a bit sick that an ordained minister would want to participate in ‘weddings’ between sexual deviants.

Will she next be heard delighting in the possibility of brother-sister ‘weddings’ or owner-dachshund ‘weddings?’

Would this ‘reverend’ woman say to practitioners of incest or pedophilia what she says to queers?

“There will be people from the LGBT community who will rejoice because finally, the church that they belong to will able to celebrate their love that they have found in each other in a Christian ceremony and that, I think, is good news,” Rev Dicks said.


I imagine a schism will take place, sooner rather than later.

A final vote will take place in the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly next month.

Thanks to C4M for letting people overseas know…



…how rancid the land of St. Andrew has become.

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