Why Stick Up For Dead Red Picasso?

Museums have long been wary of this period in the artist’s professional life. In an era of ‘cancellation’, it is even more pertinent…



Portrait de Picasso, 1908.jpg

Picasso in 1908

Far be it from me to roll up my sleeves on behalf of a long-dead Red – and make no mistake, Picasso was as slimy a Communist as ever there was!

.…his commitment to the French Communist party (PCF), which he joined in 1944, with great fanfare, and never left.. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2010/may/08/pablo-picasso-politics-exhibition-tate

Nor have I ever had a high opinion of his infantile daubing, reminiscent of an excitable 5-year-old’s paint play-time, like that ‘Guernica’ propaganda picture.

But the quote at the top of the page refers to the fact that because Picasso, among other arty types….

…thought it might be creative to draw inspiration from ‘African’ influences, some whiney sorts are accusing him of some sin akin to ‘cultural appropriation….’



..a heinous sin, which we have looked at more than once in recent years.

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What it boils down to is the essentially racist notion that White people should not emulate Black people’s art, culture, clothing or even hair-styles!

Now would those who resent Picasso’s drawing on Africa for inspiration be similarly aghast if a Congolese or Kenyan artist mimicked Rembrandt, or Hogarth?

I tend to think not.

It’s a bit like like ‘reverse racism.’

CBC says racism against white people “doesn’t exist” https://tnc.news/2022/03/25/cbc-says-racism-against-white-people-doesnt-exist/

Cultural marxist creeps…

…like those who control Canada’s tax-funded propaganda system, have the nerve to deny such a concept is possible!

But let’s go back to hair-styles.



While art critics are not usually into violent behaviour, the ‘cultural appropriation’ nonsense is a kind of cancer, which can spread and pose deadly danger to innocent people


Read on, please.

Young Hispanic woman attacked in Boston by large group of black teens for being ‘white b*tch with braids‘  https://thepostmillennial.com/hispanic-girl-attacked-in-boston-by-large-group-of-black-teens-for-being-white-b-tch-with-braids