RT’s History Revision Lesson In Riga!

It seems RT is still on my tv’s available channels, and good that is!

Were it banned, as it foolishly is….



POW Propaganda Stunt? Shame On RT! 

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I have discussed the suppression of Russian media by Western governments more than once…

 OK – Some Reasons Why May’s Jackboot Is Misplaced!

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Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition! 

… supporting our right to hear alternative voices on the Moscow-based broadcaster…


…in certain Western lands, I couldn’t have watched (and now write) about how that channel does not do its cause any favours.

Aa Thursday, 2/5,  lunchtime, when it made a big deal of a gang of ethnic Russians in Latvia’s capital, Riga…





…where they showed up at the Red Army war memorial to commemorate ‘Victory Day..’



..which is surely seen by real Latvians as the anniversary of their nation’s enslavement by the USSR in 1945.

The authorities were removing flowers laid by the disloyals, work disliked by RT, which dishonoured its journalistic credentials by referring to the small Baltic republic’s ..

….’historic ties with Russia..

Not so much ties, RT, as chains!

That Red Army rolled and oversaw Latvia’s annexation to Stalin’s Evil Empire via a rigged vote.

Latvians remained in marxist bondage until they freed themselves….

….in the heroic effort of 1989.

Oh, but RT did interview aggrieved disloyals, one of whom, a woman, must have made real Latvians laugh out loud, when she recalled that the monument had been paid for by the people – ‘every  household in Riga contributed!

Since people do not voluntarily dig into their pockets to honour an enemy occupation force, I wonder how many households contributed of their own accord?

How many Jews would readily fund a statue if Hitler?