Funeral Mayhem – ABC News-Shrew Offers Oz Viewers Blatant Bias

‘Israeli police have attacked mourners….’


That’s how Australia’s tax-funded ABC began their ( 10am news, today, Jakarta time) report on the clash, which the Israelis say involved their personnel being pelted with stones and bottles, after a mob had taken control of the casket, flouting arrangements agreed with the deceased woman’s family.

The one-sided intro on tv came from one of ABC’s ghastly female ‘news-casters,’ though I didn’t catch her name….


….but there are so many lefty women on ABC!

I decided to check out other media, and of course the Guardian, AP and NYT have anti-Israel headlines, which mirror the ABC shrew’s bias.

For a fairer report, better to try this….

…which offers a reasonably even-handed account of the violence.

But in order to be fair, I also checked out the online ABC report, and, curiously, its headline was more or less balanced…

Israeli police clash with Palestinian mourners carrying journalist Shireen Abu Akleh’s coffin – ABC News

….certainly without the rasping rant-lingo heard as the intro to their broadcast news!


So why didn’t the Oz tv news-shrew’s introductory words sound more like that?