Wokopedia Wolverines Harassing Black Patriot

Wolverines are unpopular animals, but whether, like wolves, they circle about their intended victims before attacking, I’m not sure.



But no matter!

Back to a familiar scene.

Again, Beware Wikipedia Weasels! 


Wokopedia’s Begging Bowl? 

The arrogant censorship war being waged on a black conservative US Senate candidate by a leftist clique at Wikipedia deserves comparison with the habits of predators.

Get this!

On May 9, an editor deleted the page again.

Within 24 hours, a different editor stepped in to restore the page.

No reasons were given….”


If you read the entire report, which notes that the controlling cabal, ‘the Wikimedia Foundation, a nonprofit that manages Wikipedia, did not respond to a request for comment….

…and appreciate that the candidate targetted is Kathy Barnette, a military veteran who is seeking to become the first black U.S. senator representing Pennsylvania…

Kathy Barnette


….you may well agree with her analysis of Wokopedia’s on-off-on-off extirpation of her page!

“When they cancel me, they’re cancelling you