Liverpool Louts, No Excuses!

It used to be that Liverpool were regarded as the Merseyside counterparts of Glasgow Rangers…



…whose fan-base waa overwhelmingly loyalist, unionist and monarchist, their Clydeside rivals, Celtic, or at least their fans…..


Scots Tories Imploding, Lesbian Leader in 'IRA' Row

Glasgow Celtic fanatics forget soccer, endorse terror

…on the other hand, carrying a whiff of disloyalty.

Liverpool’s rival, Everton?

Never saw them play, never heard much about their affinities.

But after the disgusting loutishness reported last week, Liverpool have forfeited their good name.

Booing the National Anthem is simply unforgiveable.

Booing Prince William was just pig-ignorant bad manners.

HRH has let down many people with fatuous observations, as when he lauded media hacks who propagate Climate Panic, and worse, when he remarked that if his firstborn turned out deviant…

Bollocks, Prince William! Stuff ‘Diversity!’ 

….he’d be okay with such a turn of events, rather than seek therapy to cure the boy.

Yet being wrong on big issues is no excuse for booing the man at the match.

But there’s always some loud-mouth will speak up for the lowest elements, like the class-hate clown….

So as the mainstream journalists question why Liverpool fans booed the national anthem. If you dig deep, you will find the answer.

…who spewed out a lot of marxian rot about ‘equality’ – a resentful rant – and concluded with those smug words above.

On the other hand, maybe his leftist analysis is correct.



If so, we are facing something of a Dark Age.