Cur Coveney? Get A Grip Or Stay Home!

So that insolent cur Coveney is now shrilling that the UK is ‘creating a lot of tension in my country?’

Frankly, what has gone on in his country has been ‘creating a lot of tension’ in the UK, specifically in British Ulster, for years, decades, damned near a century, even.

Gambar terkait

.there can be no British-only direct rule. That is the Irish government’s position.”

I refer to his wretched little republic’s arrogant pretensions, their repudiation of the 1925 treaty which recognised Northern Ireland as part of the UK and…



…their disgusting antics in World War II, and their offensive post-war redesignation of their state as the ‘Republic of Ireland,’ confrontationally confusing

A-the island they share with another nationality…


B-the part of that island which is theirs…

…a blatant and offensive claim to sovereignty over Ulster, which they even sought to promote….

Irish postage stamp denominated two pence showing a green outline map of the island of Ireland with the Gaelic words Éire for Ireland and dá pingin for two pence

…by issuing annexationist postage stamps!

…and of course let’s never forget their habit of providing safe haven and moral support for the Sinn Fein/IRA murder-gangs….

Lest We Forget…Eire’s Neck-Deep Collusion With Murder! 

Image result for evil irishman


…which shared that deranged ‘United Ireland’ ideology.

The very least the UK Government should do in reponse to this insolent provocateur is to apply PNG status, banning him from crossing the border into Ulster.



A ‘Persona Non Grata’ ban on Eire politicos, Coveney for starters, and of course Sinn Fein’s bad bitch Mcdonald….

‘…it was necessary…to take up arms against the British state… ‘


Gambar terkaitSinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald and her hero, Blood Beast Adams?


…would be a helpful memo, saying Ulster is NOT your country…


What I see at the moment is a British government making statements and briefing against the EU, and creating a lot of tension in my country, your closest neighbour…