Recommended Reading For Monday Night!


I have been reading a rather good article in The Spectator…


..which takes apart an absurd attempt by a far-left ‘intellectual’ to portray the Brexit referendum result as the outcome of a cunning conspiracy…


Bojo? Pull the other one!


….by Jellyfish Johnson and a coterie of ‘posh-boys’ to return the country to a golden age of toff-rule.


I should add that Toby Young is very gracious in his gutting. No way would he applaud my characterisation of the tome –  pinko piffle!


Whilst I wouldn’t doubt Bojo’s readiness to do whatever it takes to get whatever he wants…



…as we noticed with his ‘die in a ditch’ rhetoric, and his disgraceful lying about  ‘no border down the Irish Sea….’

Hundreds take part in anti-protocol protest in Northern Ireland

….it’s really fantastical to think JJ dreams of a restoration of any kind of a British golden age.

If we can categorise his actual ideological leanings?

Easiest perhaps to sum them up as a miasma of decadence…


True Colours? Jellyfish Crawls To The Coven! 

…prone to appeasement of undesirables.

Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?


Anyway, do please read it.

But leaving aside the great way he guts the pinko piffle, there’s a neat anecdote, not from the pinko piffler’s book but from Toby Young himself, right at the end of his article..


…which sums up why Brexit got a democratic majority.

Read it!