Soros Cash -‘NGOs’ – Polish Border – Crimmigrants!

It was Thursday morning, 9.50am Jakarta time, that France 24 put a Polish ‘ngo’ named Grupa Granica on our screens, its spokeswoman, a not uncomely but clearly pro-crimmigrant wench named Monica, telling us that they’d been ‘getting calls for help.’


From whom?

From alien wannabe parasites, lurking in the woods near the Belarus border, hoping to exploit the impact of the nearby war between Ukraine and Russia.

We’ve seen the scenes of savagery on that border…


Video spreads in social networks - migrants storm barriers on the Belarusian-Polish border - Perild

Poles Defend Europe, EU Back-Stabs

….by other such aliens, or could be it’s the same ones, or some of them!

Hordes of them flew all the way from the Middle East, to Belarus, knowing the dictator in that country was ready to let them gate-crash Poland’s sovereign frontier.

But now, after undertaking such a sedulous enterprise, crossing an international frontier without applying for visas or any other permissions, these dastards are skulking in a forest…



…and they dare whine about it?

Sod them!


As it happens, we have noticed Monica’s crowd before…

Get Stuffed, Pro-Crimmigrants! Ukrainians Are REAL Refugees! 

…and I can only repeat what I said back then.

If Monica wants to help real refugees, there are plenty of Ukrainians whom her Grupa Granica could usefully locate and assist.

In Germany, Ukrainians No Safer Than German Girls? 

Surely a much better use of their time and resources than taking calls from lawless opportunists seeking to exploit the war by sneaking into Poland!


It took me a bit of time, but I waded through GG’s website, a site festooned with whiney sob-stories, aliens mired in problems in which they would not be embroiled, had they not flown to Belarus with malign border-breaching intent, I discovered what I had suspected from the start.



Grupa Granica is at least partly funded by the Stefan Batory Foundation!

And where does THAT outfit get its money from?

The financial report shows that the Open Society Foundation in Switzerland gave €516,000 to the Batory Foundation, the Open Society institute in Budapest donated €280,000, and the New York Promotion of Open Society Foundation gifted €260,000. Transparency International from Berlin also provided the Batory Foundation with funding, according to an investigation by Polish news outlet

All of these institutions are supported financially by George Soros, with 70 percent of the foreign support for Batory comes from foundations associated with the controversial American-Hungarian financier.

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