Oz Election – ABC Trusts Soros-Funded ‘Experts?’

We saw an ‘expert” on ABC today 8.30am Jakarta time…



….being asked leading questions about ‘conspiracy theories’ and blaming ‘fringe parties,’ including One Nation, for stoking fears.

ABC described their guest as “Esther Chan, Australia bureau editor for the misinformation monitoring organisation First Draft..’

She’s prettier than Scary Poppins, the American censor-designate appointed by The Dotard…

Headshot of Nina Jankowicz

Dotard’s Scary Poppins, who ‘suggested the story, now universally recognized as valid, was a “Russian influence op.” READ


…but I suggest you check out for yourselves exactly how impartial and/or  ‘expert‘ the ‘First Draft‘ outfit actually is.

I just did, and learned it’s funded by a variety of unlikeable organisations..


….including Sauron Soros’ Open Society Foundation!


The ABC interviewer was quick self-indulgently to refer viewers to his own tax-funded channel’s Trumpophobic blurb about the ‘stolen election lie….’


….which is arguably ill-timed, in view of the way the revelatory film…

2000 MULES’ – A Box Office Hit? 

If You Trust The Media, Ignore This! 

..has aroused massive public interest in the USA.

IMHO, when ‘experts’ tell you what’s what, the least you should do is get a second opinion…



…if Big Tech hasn’t suppressed all dissenting voices

PS   Ms  Chan was back on ABC again at 9.30am. Again, ABC had nobody on to debate her.