Buffalo Cover-Up – Has BBC Reported This?

You may have noticed ( you could hardly miss it!) how the dirty media have been trying to blame the monstrous Buffalo mass-murder on ‘far-right social media…’



…another smear campaign aimed at boosting the far-left’s censorship drive.

But in fact, what many of the dirty media are concealing from the public is the fact….



….that the man charged with perpetrating the massacre was into marxism…



…in a big way, and that his ‘manifesto’ defines his current beliefs as…

Wait for it!


“…mild-moderate authoritarian left”


Now frankly, I haven’t inspected the BBC news website and I have been out, running around downtown Jakarta much of the day

Knowing how dishonest BBC reporting can be…

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…I expect UK Pravda to hide the above revelation.

 But if any reader finds I’m wrong, I will be happy to give as much prominence to a correction as I have given to the above.