Ontario Teachers…Time For A PURGE?

When we attended elementary school in Ontario….

…it has to be said our worst fear was the belt which hung next to the Principal’s desk, indisputably an effective deterrent to unruly behaviour…



….since I don’t recall any instance of that austere gentleman ever having had to wield it!

Soppy mincing liberal lefties have long since banned that handy means of maintaining order on elementary, or any, school premises…


…yet might there still be accoutrements made of leather available for use in Ontario schools?

I am forced to ask after seeing this nauseating image…


and having examined the list of sicko deviations listed for elementary teachers’ convenience, can find no mention of sado-masochism!

Yet incest and bestiality are not listed either…

…so it could just be there wasn’t room on the poster to accommodate every disgusting maladjustment known to provincial education.