‘It’s A Real Shame.. ‘ Says ABC!

It’s a real shame,’ or so said Australia’s tax-funded broadcasting outfit, today, 19/5, around 9am Jakarta time.

That was not, alas, a confession of the shameful bias they have pumped out for years…

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…but a contribution to the federal election debate from their Arts person Edwina Thorsby, in regard to ‘arts’ promises.

Some Aussie voters no doubt agree with her about how ‘the arts’ sector “needs to be supported,” but as many, perhaps, do not.

Especially given how public money is disbursed to various bodies and projects to spend as they will, run by snooty intellectuals..

…with no democratic control.


Do federal grants go to bodies and persons approved by elected legislators?

Remember this outrage?

“It would be different in a private exhibition — maybe — but public money, some from returned vets’ rates went to this…” https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-09/outrage-soldier-artwork-violent-salt-mackay/11746680

How much pseudy and/or subversive cr#p gets subsidised…..



…from the Australian public purse?

Thorsby basically said the Coalition government wasn’t offering much at all, while she was clearly pleased at Green Party promises.

Okay, up to her….but only as one pro-‘arts’ voter.




…it’s NOT appropriate for ABC to put one of their top flunkeys on tv to tell voters her dearly beloved Arts ‘needs to be supported.’