Tax-Tap Turned Off? But NUS Nasties Don’t Get Any!

So the Tory Government is to ‘”cut ties” with the National Union of Students because of its alleged ‘anti-semitism?

That was on BBC World News last Saturday, along with an assertion that there will be no more government funding of the nasty NUS.

My immediate reaction was..

Why the Hell has NUS been getting ANY government funding?

They are a student union…



…so no reason their snouts should be poking about in tax-payers’ pockets!

Yet on going to seek more info on the BBC website, I read that the government has not been funding NUS.

Weird story, so far, yeah?

And never mind ‘anti-semitism,’ although one has to agree that if ‘former NUS president Larissa Kennedy allegedly said Jewish students could go and sit in a safe room where they would not hear any anti-Semitism that was expressed

…then Jews and all decent folk should abhor any outfit that would put a nazoid nitwit in as president.

But the fact is that NUS have been operating reprehensible policies for years, not least their deplorable ‘No Platform’ censorship…



….of anyone to the right of, or even including, UKIP.

We wrote about this 4 years ago…

Shock Poll – Most UK ‘Students’ Infected With Red Nazism

(when Universities Minister Jo Johnson Bojo’ brother) pledged to curb the Red Nazi storm-troop tendency in publicly-funded colleges.