Un-Cuddly Claire Lies About Crimmigrants

That old bat Claire Moseley may have seemed cuddly to the crimmigrant she got so close to…



She had boasted publicly of her charity’s zero-tolerance policy on sex with migrants, while shacking up with Bajjar


….but today on France 24 ( about breakast time here in Jakarts) she was utterly repulsive, lying…

( again –Crazy Clare – Still Lying Boldly for Calais Crimmigrants! 

…about her Channel illegals fleeing from places that were frightful, thus insulting the intelligence of every viewer.

We all know they board their boats in France, which may indeed have its downside….



…but is most certainly not at all frightful.

We expect no better from that mouthy mutt Moseley, but French tax-payers should ask tax-funded F24…



…why tbey had nobody on to offer any anti-crimmigrant perspective.