BBC Selectively Marks 5th Anniversary Of Manchester Jihadist Atrocity

Some days, UK Pravda’s ability to report major news while suppressing key aspects is more sickening than usual.

Today, 5.20 pm, Jakarta time, was one of those days, BBC World News offering videos of one victim of the 22 victims of the Manchester terror-bomb, and a sad few words from the victim’s bereaved family.


…the BBC said not a word about the background of the satanic swine responsible…

Abedi was born in Manchester in 1994, to parents who had been granted asylum after fleeing Kadhafi’s regime.

…or the menace undesirable aliens pose to civilised societies.

Family of Manchester suicide bomber refuse to help inquiry into 2017 attack

Brothers and parents of Salman Abedi have declined to answer questions about his path to becoming a terrorist