Climate Panic Party Surges In Oz

I had never heard of the word ‘teal’ until a few months ago,  but it’s apparently a colour…


Turquoise color

Looks like old-fashioned turquoise to me!


….and despite all ideological evidence to the contrary, is absolutely not the same as pink!

As to ‘Teal Independents,’ it’s said in Australian media that tbey are not a political party.

Oh yeah?

‘Backed by like-minded political fundraising groups such as Climate 200, the teal independents have all run on a similar platform of more action on climate change…’

So they are ‘like-minded,’ backed by the highly orchestrated climate panic pack, which reportedly raised $12 million as campaign cash…


…and share a common colour, as the Coalition use blue,  Labor use red, and the ghastly Greens..



…use green.


‘They are not a political party...’

Of course not!