Big Tech/Red China Collabo Cover-Up?

We expect very little from Big Tech. ..


…but on the day when even more shocking revelations of Beijing’s brutally oppressive rule was on the morning news…


Hacked China police files paint a disturbing picture of mass detentions in Xinjiang


…suddenly we find allegations of Microsoft playing footsie with Adolf Xi’s evil regime.

Microsoft censors Bing searches for Xi Jinping, Tiananmen Square: study

Given what we have already reported on the criminal misdeeds of that barbaric marxist despotism which tramples subjugated nationalities…

Today’s Question – Is Beijing Better At Hiding Virus Data Or Gulag Gang-Rape? 

Uighurs suppressed

Tibetans tormented

….as mercilessly as its own citizens, one does have to wonder if it’s time to reconsider the way Free China, aka Taiwan…



…was replaced on the UN Security Council by Mao’s monstrous heirs.

That process should be reversed.

Not that the UN has ever lifted a finger, since the Korean War, to do anything useful to extirpate communism.