Turnsteer Moos Approvingly At Turquoise ‘Independents!’

Of course the pinko creeps of the BBC would invite Australia’s most notorious pinko creep, Malcolm Turnsteer, whom we had been happy to forget…

Turnsteer Bleats At Oz Free Speech! 

Grubbing for Sectarian Votes – Labor Vies With Mufti’s Mate Malcolm! 

…despite his nauseating appeasement policies, back before his MPs ousted him.

Turnsteer’s purpose on UK Pravda last night, 8pm Jakarta time, was to say how the loss of seats to those ‘Teals…’

( it’s actually turquoise!)

…meant the Oz Liberal Party needs to stop being ‘rightwing.’

So Australian voters would then have four non-right parties, Teals, Libs, Labor and the Greens, to choose from – leaving the Nationals and One Nation to speak for traditional values.

Actually, Morrison alienated many ‘rightwing’ voters, not least with his shilly-shallying approach to the tranny lobby.

And Turnsteer’s analysis was in any case simplistic, his yelp that people who had ‘voted Liberal all their lives’ had switched to those ghastly pinko tealers.

I’m no expert but from my pre- and post-pandemic trips to Oz, and from listening to much of the election chatter…

…even on lefty ABC…

…much of the electorate in Liberal seats stayed Liberal, while the big swings we noticed were the result of people moving from trendy lefty metropolitan areas and bringing their total absence of values with them.

I welcome Aussie readers’ viewpoints on this.