Ursula’s ‘Chinafication’ Digital Diktat

Every now and then I stumble across an aspect of the Fourth Reich…


…that gives off even more than the usual totalitarian stench we expect from Awful Ursula…



…and so it is this week, with two MEPs (yes, I know I tend to refer to them as Strasbourg Slugs…


Strasbourg Slugs V Poland – MEP Urges Regime Change! 

…but they are not all as vile as those described in that link!)

One worth listening to is Rob Roos from the Netherlands.


Rob Roos.

Rob Roos

How voluntary is the European Digital Identity Wallet?

“But even more importantly, how voluntary will it remain in the future? Because the European union always comes up with nice plans to eventually abuse it, to create more control.”


And another MEP, a Romanian who has personal experience of living in a marxist-run land….

…likened the plan to the horrors we have all seen in Red China.

It was years ago we noted Vladimir Bukovsky’s warnings…


Hasil gambar untuk bukovsky Brussels

Former Soviet Dissident Warns Of EU Dictatorship



….and that famous dissident’s words are worth reading again.

No more from me – use the links and shudder!