Stop Swinish Swindon’s Brain-Wash Bilge!

The programme also promotes the use of novel, confusing terms that erase men and women. It tells teachers to speak about “chest tissue” because trans and non-binary people can feel negatively towards their breasts…



….and explains that ‘gender-neutral’ terms, such as “people who menstruate”, will be used when possible throughout the programme guidance.



That’s the kind of ignorant and evil hogwash being pumped into young minds by Swindon Council’s Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

They deliberately teach lies, as C4M explains.


‘A lesson plan for 12 to 13-year-olds says that children will be taught to use “respectful terminology to describe assigned sex, gender identity and sexual orientation” – where “assigned sex” is a gender theory term for biological sex that disregards scientific fact..’

Yet Swindon Council’s justification is terrifying.

“Our approach to Relationships and Sex Education is in line with Department for Education guidance.”

And that government department is, of course, under the control of Jellyfish Johnson’s Secretary of State, who should at once order intervention to stamp out the vile indoctrination.



We applauded the Secretary of State for Education, when he pledged to investigate race-hate indoctrination…

Haters Shaping Bad UK Teachers’ Techniques? 

Mr Zahawi said his officials were in contact with the council to investigate the materials.

( though what the results of that investigation,  if any,  may be, we don’t yet know)

…so will he act on this promotion of twisted gaystapo ideology too?

Or will Bojo’s reputed affinity with unwholesome influences…

True Colours? Jellyfish Crawls To The Coven! 


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…prevent Mr. Zahawi stamping out this filthy indoctrination in Swindon?