Good Scots Pastor Appeals To Decent People Of All Faiths!

I’m happy to pass on this appeal from a good Church of Scotland minister ‘to make their voices heard.

You may remember, Scots never wanted homo-weddings to be legalised, but the ‘consultation’ was subverted by the SNP separatist regime back then.


Scots Say NO to ‘Gay’ ‘Marriage!’ But Salmond Spurns His Own ‘Consultation’

Now ‘gay marriage’ garbage is on the way to being adopted by the Church of Scotland.


But there’s a fightback!


Revd Dr William Philip of The Tron Church in Glasgow spoke to C4M in the wake of this week’s vote by the Church of Scotland to allow same-sex weddings in its churches. 

Marriage supporters – make your voice heard!

He said moves to weaken marriage “can only damage our communities and damage our national life” as he called on those of all faiths and none to keep speaking out.

At C4M we will do just that. We ask you to do the same.

Over to you!