BBC Must Abhor Oklahoma!

As we know  the UK’s tax-funded broadcasters spend tons of public money to ensure every single one…

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers

…of their multitude of sexually maladjusted employees can be at ease when he, or she….



…or it ( ! ) pees.

Hence my headline…

Kevin Stitt.jpg
Kevin Stitt

….given the good news from Oklahoma, where sensible Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt has ‘signed into law Wednesday a bill that requires students in public schools to use restrooms that align with their biological sex.

The bill also applies to locker rooms…’

But we must echo this good governor’s words, spoken as he approved the reform, that it was simply “common sense,” adding that it was “kind of crazy” that any such law would need to be passed.