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    UN Red Bat’s Uighur “Investigation?” Kidding, Yes?

    So even the left-liberals who run the Financial Times are saying Michelle Bachelet’s ‘investigation has been stymied by Beijing and expediency...’



    …though please note, elsewhere in the media…

    United Nations’ human rights chief told diplomats her trip to Xinjiang this week wouldn’t be an “investigation…”


    ….we’re told that the UN’s carefully stage-managed walkabout was NOT an ‘investigation‘ at all, a word that might offend Adolf Xi…

    Today’s Question – Is Beijing Better At Hiding Virus Data Or Gulag Gang-Rape? 

    Uighurs suppressed

    …whose many crimes against humanity he would prefer never to be investigated.

    But more interesting is what we read further down the page, about Comrade Bachelet…

    UN Red Bat Bachelet, Still Braying

    …and I don’t mean the possibility that she might be in the running to succeed Ephialtes as UN Secretary General.

    Regular readers will remember thay we asked how or why anyone can trust a woman who, when she did a runner from Chile, opted not to find sanctuary in any part of the Free World (apart from a brief sojourn in Australia) but instead to skulk for years…


    …in one of the most oppressive Communist tyrannies then available!



    When the FT scribbler declares that ‘Bachelet is no stranger to prisons,’ he’s pulsating about her detention by Chilean security services, ignoring the fact that she enthusiastically CHOSE to live a large prison, namely the marxist dictatorship called the DDR…

    …aka East Germany.

    As a warmly welcome inmate, thriving at the Karl Marx University, she never, naturally, tried to escape, thus no risk of being shot down by the callous red border guards…


    …as happened to so many East Germans, murdered as they were fleeing towards freedom!

    So the FT’s reference to ‘her personal experience of repression‘ begs the question, does the hack mean her spell in Chilean custody….

    ….or the repression in East Germany exerted on millions by the marxist regime, while she lived in comfort, under the protection of the commissars, evidently indifferent to their cesspool system of repression, of which she must nevertheless have been fully aware.

    Pity any Uighurs who fondly imagined she might champion them in any meaningful way…



    …given how Bachelet has been covering up a report on Red China’s misdeeds for many a long month

    No way in the world, moreover, would she have called Adolf Xi to account for his brutal oppression of his own, Chinese, people, who have been denied free elections for seventy years!

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      Even Biden’s administration is unhappy with what Bachelet has done.
      She must be the pits.



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