I am not into K-Pop, but since the BBC chose to highlight that BTS band today, I heard not their music but their denunciations of  ‘anti-Asian hate-crimes.’

Under the watchful eye of The Dotard’s press spokes-lesbian, they were careful to use the White House’s key words ‘diversity’ and inclusion!’

Since I have spent over two decades in an Asian country …

….where I’m perfectly happy, I can’t imagine why anyone would hate Asians.

Hating people because of their race is idiotic.

All Lives Matter!

Yet as we watched BTS, the BBC text news told us that the band had donated $1000000 to BLM…..

BLM – Racist AND Sectarian? Asian Church Burned! BBC Silent

Was that church-burning accidental, or racist, or sectarian…what do you think – read the link.


We are trained marxists!!

BLM co-founder 

….whose racist sloganeering is a provocative affront to millions.

Why would Koreans throw money at marxists, when half their country is misruled by a marxist tyranny?

And of course no sooner had the musicians moved off our tv screens  than some Asian chick named Michelle Tran was brought in by the BBC’s Awful Eades, whose ‘guests’ rarely disappoint the BBC agenda…

BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

… to blame who else but….  ‘Trump,’ ( not ‘President Trump’) for his accurate identification of China…



…as the source of the Chinese Virus.

Struth! .

Surely that naughty man ought to have known it came from the Wuhan lab, which is of course located in…Monaco?

Or was it The Azores?

Or Kazakhstan?


It came from Red China, which is no excuse for abusing Chinese people in America, or indeed in Red China, where the people get NO say in what the evil regime does.