A Very Queer Update From Keir!

From LBC…

In March Sir Keir refused to tell Nick whether he thought a woman could have a penis, sparking mockery on social media.



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  • Keir Starmer’s never-ending story –“Trans rights: Starmer says MP was wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix’’  Labour’s Penis Problem 
  • Breaking News…

The Labour Party leader has fessed up on his true feelings about male genitalia.

Now he claims that only ‘the vast majority of women don’t have a penis!’


And to the minority, it seems, he thinks we should all defer, offering ‘respect’ to their delusionary nonsense…

…their sad belief that by wishing they were women, they have magically become women.

Next time I go shopping, I shall tell the cashier that I have long wished I were a millionaire, so I must be one…

…and so I should be accorded appropriate purchasing power.

Yet I fear the gal will request proof – sight of my cash or credit/debit card.

Prudent, surely,  to demand indisputable evidence.

So next time some stubbly freak approaches a toilet marked for Ladies, or ‘women,’ as ladies are nowadays described, similar sight of proof must be required.



An horrid sight, unlikely to be willingly allowed.

But then, soon enough, perhaps, if Labour’s far-left Mayor of London has his decadent way…


Ladies and Gents’ No More -Sadiq Fatwa Bans Courtesy! 

…Brits Will All Pee Together!